Please find below our terms and conditions on cake stands and tin hire.

Cake Tins hire terms


1 All tins are hired on a 3 day return basis.

2  Tins returned damaged will lose there deposit. A £1.00 cleaning fee will be charged if returned dirty.

3  Tins not returned on the day booked will incounter a new hire fee, this is the standard £2 hire charge.

4  Lost tins will be replaced and charge costs passed on to person hiring cake tins payable within 7 days of notification.

Cake stands hire terms

1 Stands are hired on a need basis with a return date made clear on the hire form.

2 Stands returned damaged will loose there deposit towards a replacment and will be charged for remainder of  replacment costs,payment must be paid in 7 days of notification.

3 Stands returned dirty/butter icing etc or with ribbons tape flowers etc on them will be charged a cleaning fee of £5. This mostly applies to perspex stands and chrome stands.All stands that say Do not clean in terms of hire contract are not bound by a cleaning charge as we clean them with special silver polish.

4 Stands that say Do not clean that are cleaned and damaged/ tarnished scrached dulled etc will lose deposit and be billed remainder of costs to replace the stands, payment must be payed 7 days after notification of costs.

5 All deposits must be supported with a debit credit card number and chq or cash. Proof of identification or address is required on stands with deposits of £300 or more.

6  Stands that are not returned on the next trading day will be charged a daily fee of £28 to cover loss of hire and problems that might aries due to other bookings. Stand can only be returned to the shop. Stands will not be accepted on days that we are closed.

7 Non return of cake stands will result in legal action with all recovery and court costs being paid by hirer.

8 On the hire of any stand you agree to the terms and conditions set out above and charges.